Multi-scenario comparisons

We're excited to announce that Basis users can now compare up to two scenarios against actuals within the same view. This allows users to perform variance analysis across multiple scenarios such as Budget vs Actual vs Forecast without moving from worksheet to worksheet.

Budget vs Actual vs Forecast

You can also add charts and tables comparing multiple scenarios to your Dashboards. See our help doc to learn how.

Chart multiple scenarios

Massive performance increases

We have overhauled how we load pages to make them 5-10x faster, reducing average load times from 5-20 seconds down to just 4 seconds or less!  Moving between reports and worksheets should be noticeably snappier.


Customer stories

Hitting the limits of your Excel file?

Learn how Jonathon Blackburn, co-founder and Strategic Finance Advisor, at Texas PACE Authority moved planning and reporting from Excel into Basis.  

👉 How Texas PACE Authority Uses Basis to Automate Actuals and Reporting