Basis Forecasting & Strategic Planning

The modern way to forecast and plan

Connect your strategic plans with live business data to make decisions faster and allocate resources more effectively.

Strategic agility begins with continuous, data-integrated planning

Build models using operational drivers, inputs, and market assumptions. Re-forecast instantly as new data arrives and eliminate manual planning cycles.

  • Topline revenue forecasting

  • Sales capacity planning

  • Cashflow forecasting

  • OpEx planning

  • Budget by department

  • Workforce planning

  • Financial statement forecasting

Data-integrated Modeling

More accurate models, faster

Build models in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks by using integration-assisted modeling. Link plans together and see them adjust automatically in response to new business data.

Planning Templates

Access codified financial experience to accelerate planning

Use pre-formatted worksheet templates designed by experienced CFOs from all industries, to create budgets, financial models and planning forecasts.

Codified Expertise

Basis has codified leading practices with finance leaders from

Scenario Planning

Plan for all possibilities

Map out scenarios to understand how changes to key drivers can affect outcomes. Adjust inputs on the fly to see how decisions can impact the future.


Enable multiplayer planning

Partner with the business by bringing stakeholders into the planning process. Use granular permissions to preserve confidentiality without impeding collaboration.


Basis Performance Analytics

Get a full view of your business with metrics, dashboards, and reports to accelerate analysis.

Basis Data Integrations

Connect data from your accounting, HR, sales, and business operations systems to unlock strategic insights.

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