Accounting Firms & Fractional CFOs

Scale your CFO services

Add a strategic finance platform to your tech stack to enable next-level client advisory services.

Operationalize strategic finance

Leverage FP&A technology to make advisory services repeatable and scalable.

Client retention

Strengthen client relationships by becoming an essential strategic partner.

Revenue per client

Add premium pricing tiers and service levels to achieve new revenue growth.

Resource efficiency

Increase staff productivity and free resource capacity to serve more clients.

Strategic Client Advisory

Expand client advisory services

Augment your transactional accounting and controllership services with strategic client advisory services powered by Basis.

  • Financial statement forecasting
  • Quarterly, annual, and continuous operating plans
  • Revenue & cash flow modeling
  • Financial & industry-specific operational KPI metrics
Dashboards & Metrics

Generate true business insights

Integrate directly with client business applications and create self-serve dashboards and reports to provide actionable business intelligence.

  • Executive financial dashboards
  • Department operational dashboards
  • Investor & board reporting
  • Over 100+ accounting, ERP, CRM, payroll, and HRIS data integrations
FP&A Workflow Automation

Automate the busywork

Accelerate your FP&A workflows by automating manual processes and use an in-app worksheet system to overcome Excel limitations.

  • Import and clean data using data integrations
  • Save custom templates or use pre-configured templates

  • Use departments and classes to filter by dimension

  • Easily understand the data lineage for any cell

Basis for CFOs and accounting firms

It's a robust platform that doesn't require a lot of manual updating. It's a constant flow of accurate information.

Morgan Siewert
Director of Internal Finance & Operations, Hiline

Basis for CEOs & founders

Basis is like having my fractional CFO there 24/7. I can throw in numbers to test scenarios without feeling like I’m wasting my CFO’s time on throwaway work.

Ian Smith
CEO & Co-founder, Ware

Basis for CEOs & founders

The system pulls in the data and creates the models and reports exactly how I’d make them.

Pranay Prakash
CEO & Co-founder,


Basis Performance Analytics

Get a full view of your business with metrics, dashboards, and reports to accelerate analysis.

Basis Forecasting & Strategic Planning

Build more accurate forecasts, faster and collaborate on planning.

Learn how to make better decisions with Basis.

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