Budgeting, Planning, and Management Reporting.

Basis is the finance platform built for budgeting, management reporting, and data consolidation.

Codified Expertise

Basis has codified leading practices with finance leaders from

Get the full picture and make informed decisions

Automate data collection and preparation to give your teams more time to evaluate and analyze business performance.

Analytics & Dashboards

More analysis. Less busywork.

Track P&L and performance by department. Create self-serve dashboards for department leaders and the executive team to save hours each week.

Real-time analytics

Create real-time dashboards & data visualizations to democratize insights.

Report efficiently

Automate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

Understand the business

Connect data from different business systems to model the big picture.

Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting with automated actuals

Build driver-based models to create accurate plans and make the right decisions. Connect with business systems to instantly update forecasts.

Start with a plan

Use pre-configured templates designed by experienced CFOs and adapt them to your business.

Enable continuous planning

Create rolling forecasts and watch changes flow through models as you update.

Predict revenue and cash flow

Model top-line revenue, and turn accounting GL data and CRM contract data into cash flow forecasts.


Unlock the value in your business data

Integrate with your accounting, ERP, HRIS, and CRM software systems to automatically collect and clean your business data.

The strategic finance platform built for all teams

Basis for CFOs & Finance

Eliminate surprises

Basis helps finance teams save time on data preparation and accelerate the analytics process.

  • Build dashboards to track runway, CAC, LTV, MMR, NRR, and more.

  • Create and track department budgets.

  • Solve top-line revenue planning and multi-entity consolidation.

Basis for Founders & CEOs

Guide performance

Basis helps executive teams see the current state of the business and scenario test the future.

  • See how all areas of the company are performing in real-time.

  • Forecast sales pipeline and view your most important financial metrics.

  • Share financial statements and business metrics with the board and investors.

Basis for Revenue Teams

Understand and grow revenue

Basis helps revenue teams stay on top of revenue forecasts and understand key revenue drivers.

  • Create more accurate revenue forecasts with CRM and headcount data.

  • Build sales capacity plans, model pipeline, and calculate sales commissions.

  • Monitor performance to spot problems and make adjustments earlier.

Basis for Accounting Firms & Fractional CFOs

Upgrade your practice

Basis helps accounting firms and CFOs offer more robust advisory services and increase efficiency.

  • Level up your advisory services and become a true strategic partner.

  • Provide clients with cloud-based plans, dashboards, and reports.

  • Scale resources more efficiently to serve more accounts without adding headcount.

Basis for CFOs and accounting firms

It's a robust platform that doesn't require a lot of manual updating. It's a constant flow of accurate information.

Morgan Siewert
Director of Internal Finance & Operations, Hiline

Basis for CEOs & founders

Basis is like having my fractional CFO there 24/7. I can throw in numbers to test scenarios without feeling like I’m wasting my CFO’s time on throwaway work.

Ian Smith
CEO & Co-founder, Ware

Basis for CEOs & founders

The system pulls in the data and creates the models and reports exactly how I’d make them.

Pranay Prakash
CEO & Co-founder, Windsor.io

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