We're excited to announce that Basis Accounting and CFO Advisory is now live! 🎉✨

Accounting and CFO Advisory Firms have a unique problem that’s yet to be cracked. They need to serve clients across different service levels, price-points, and planning and reporting complexities, all while operating efficiently with high margins. 

No single software tool has been able to serve the needs of such a wide client base.

Firms find themselves using Excel, GSheets, and various other tools that each solve a small piece of the puzzle. Scaling internally becomes challenging, as each new client takes up more hours due to inefficient workflows.

This release is tailor-made for accounting and CFO advisory firms looking for a single tool that can create and automate the full gamut of client deliverables from out-of-the-box reports and metrics to CFO-level planning models and scenario plans.

Instant client onboarding

When starting with a new client, the most important metric is time-to-value, or as we call it, the time to the “aha!” moment. Traditionally, onboarding a new client requires multiple conversations and hands-on time implementing a light model. This alone can delay delivering value by several days to weeks.

With Basis you can now deliver value in under five minutes.

Our new “1-2-3 click” automated client setup gets you from zero to a basic implementation with an Executive Dashboard, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow projection, and basic forecast in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Workflows on autopilot

We put a major focus on minimizing your costs around creating and maintaining models, budgets, reports, scenarios, and other deliverables. 

Here are a few of the major workflow automations included in this release:

  • Out-of-the box reports, from board-ready dashboard presentations to detailed P&Ls.
  • Reporting packages with scheduled monthly close and insight emails for clients.
  • Self-updating Chart of Accounts (COA) sync between a connected ERP and Basis that ensures that your COA information is always up to date. 
  • Automated BvA, workforce and revenue insights, MoM and YoY comparisons.

Basis connects directly to your accounting software and other systems to bring in actuals, update your models, and refresh reporting to keep clients engaged without additional work on your end.

Deliver more value

Our vision is to provide firms with a single platform that lets you serve your entire client base, from businesses that only need a simple month-end report, all the way up to sophisticated clients that need multi-entity consolidation with custom revenue models, contract and workforce planning, budgets, and scenario plans.

We’ve designed our new Accounting and CFO Firm pricing plans to fit the most common client use cases to provide a natural service expansion path for your client engagements. 

You can start a client on basic reporting, move them to accounting and standard budgeting once they’re ready, and finally provide departmental budgeting and strategic planning when they need advanced CFO services.

Try it today

We invite you to start a Basis trial or schedule a demo if you’d like to see how our platform can help your practice save time and provide higher value financial planning and CFO services to your clients.