Basis Performance Analytics

Drive performance with metrics and dashboards

Transform your data into visual, decision-ready insights and improve performance analysis across the entire organization.

Track and visualize business performance

Create intuitive dashboards and automated reports to monitor your most important metrics.

Custom Dashboards

Showing is better than telling

Connect your data and create custom, self-service dashboards to empower your teams with actionable information.

Connect data

Bring data in through no-code cloud application data integrations.

Create visualizations

Use a variety of chart types and tables to create operational, strategic, tactical, and analytic dashboards.

Share access

Control access permissions to set the correct audiences and ensure data security.

Unlimited users

Scale data insights for all users without additional cost.

Custom Reports

Streamline reporting

Generate your regular reports and maintain them with live business data automatically.

Live data

Use data integrations to keep your reporting up to date without doing the work manually.

Eliminate manual data errors

Avoid simple data entry and copy & paste mistakes.

Create once and use forever

Put together reports once and have them updated for you forever.

Investor & board reporting

Save time on data preparation generating pre-populated reports for investor decks and board meetings.

Basis Forecasting & Strategic Planning

Build more accurate forecasts, faster and collaborate on planning.

Basis Data Integrations

Connect data from your accounting, HR, sales, and business operations systems to unlock strategic insights.

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